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Behind on your Facebook and Instagram posts? Not getting any tweets out? Forgetting about your Google My Business? Want to blog, but don’t have the time? Are your competitors getting the best jobs and outperforming you on local business listings in your area?

If so, our Content Management solutions at Off Osborn will help you address these issues in your business, hassle-free and at an affordable price point!

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Hassle-Free Content Management Done For You

Off Osborn designs and delivers content management solutions that manage your online listings, social media posts, and blog posts for you.

Write and Manage Your Blog

Tired of trying to come up with new topics for your blog? Off Osborn will research, write, post, and manage commenting on original, plagiarism-free articles for your website blog for up to 4 blog post articles per month. We can deliver results from your blog while freeing you from the hassle that blogging can be.

Create and Post Social Media Content for You

Not sure what to create and post for your social media content that will get seen? Tired of trying to come up with new ideas for your posts on your social media channels? Let our team at Off Osborn research, create, post, and manage your social media so that you can get results while focusing on what matters in your business.

Manage and Update Your Online Listings

Is your business showing up on online directory listing websites like Yelp and Foursquare? If so, are your listings current and up-to-date? How is your online reputation management? Let Off Osborn keep your business information up-to-date and full of dynamic content across 70+ websites with our affordable monthly online listings management service on our Client Dashboard.

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Examples of Our Social Media Posts

Blog Posting Service FAQ

When does work begin on the content?
Work on content begins right after the purchase of the service, typically within 1-2 business days from the time the service is purchased. The initial work on the account will include topic selection and approval, composing the first piece(s) of content, and sending over to the partner for approval.
Is the content search engine optimized?
Our content team is separate from our SEO team, and does not take SEO into full account when writing content. However, if you are receiving SEO services along with content services, our SEO team will optimize the content pieces after they are approved and published.
How does the content fulfillment process work?
Content fulfillment works in a few easy steps:
1. Completion of onboarding documents.
2. Our team of specialists will review the onboarding documents.
3. Our content team will send you a list of topics to be approved (typically, it will be around 20 topics and you will be asked to approve at least 10 of those topics).
4. Once topics are selected, our content team will be able to begin working on the blog posts.
5. The blogs will be sent to you for approval as they are ready and you will either need to give it a thumbs up, resend the blog with corrections, or request for us to make some revisions.
6. Once we receive final approval, we will go ahead and post the blog on the site, if we have the proper website access.
How do revisions on blog articles work?
Only one round of revisions will be allowed per blog article. If our team writes a blog article and you have changed their minds regarding the topic used to write the blog, we will not be able to rewrite for another blog article.
Does this service also include content expansions or alterations on my website?
Our content team only writes one type of content, blogs. We do not perform content expansions on websites, content alterations, service page content, location page content, etc. If you are receiving SEO services, we may recommend adding content or creating pages with content, which would be your responsibility to complete.
How does topic selection work?
The first time content topics are sent to you by our content team, you should receive about 20 different topics to choose from and the option to select 10 of those. Once our content team is close to depleting all the topics, we will reach out to you again and ask for approval for more topics.

Your service tier and amount of content delivered per month will determine how often we need to reach out to you to get more topics approved. The higher the plan and the more content written, the more frequently our content management team will need to reach out to you to get content topics approved.

If our content management team reaches out to you several times about topic selection and you are unresponsive, we will proceed to select topics on your behalf and write content based on those topics. These topics will be selected by our team based on feedback provided in the onboarding docs submitted and/or information we find on your website.

Of course, you can still provide us with approved topics whenever available. The blogs we write based on unapproved topics due to lack of communication will be final (aside for slight modifications to the existing blog). Unfortunately, you will not be able to have the blog swapped for another blog based on a different topic.

What would happen if I cancel?
If and when the content service is cancelled, you will receive whatever is owed for that billing cycle. Work will stop being fulfilled only after the end of the billing cycle.

If for some reason there are other blog articles that were late/pending and were never sent out, you are still owed those blogs and our content team will make sure that you receive everything that you are owed.

Can I make changes to a blog post after it's posted?
After our content team publishes a blog on a your website, that ends the involvement of our content team for that specific post. If later on you would like to make any changes to that blog, that responsibility would fall on your end. Depending on the platform used for posting the blog, updating a blog post should not be too complicated. Help documents can be provided to you upon request if necessary.
What if I am not satisfied with the content?
If you are not satisfied with a piece of content that has been provided to you by our content team, you can request one rewrite for that specific topic.

There are some exceptions to this though, for example, if the content team writes a blog article based on a topic that was selected by our team due to lack of communication on the partner’s end, we would not be able to rewrite based on disapproval of the topic. Rewrites are limited to content pieces with approved topics that just missed the mark completely.

Again, only ONE rewrite per blog article will be permitted.

Can I provide a list of topics for the blogs that I want written?
Yes. Along with approving some of the blog topics that we generate, it is no problem for us to write articles based on topics that you generate.
Do you also handle blog posting?
Our content team will also handle blog posting as long as the site being posted to is using an easy-to-use CMS (like WordPress).

If the site is custom-built and requires a knowledgeable developer to post to the site, that would fall outside of the scope of what our content team would be able to do. In that case, we would provide you with the post and you would need to get the posts published on the site.

Do you need my website's backend credentials?
Website credentials are necessary for us to post approved blog articles to the website. If you want our content team to post approved blog posts for you, we will need your website’s backend credentials.

If backend credentials are not provided to our team, we can write the content and send it to you for publishing.

Our Blog Post Writing Service Plans

Social Media Posting Service FAQ

What social media profiles do we post on?
Currently, we post to six different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. We do not post to any other social media platforms besides the ones mentioned above.

There is no limit in word count with the exception of Twitter, which has a 280 character limit. We try to keep the captions short unless you have specific messages they need to send out.

What happens if the service is cancelled?
If and when our social media postings service is cancelled, you will receive whatever is owed to you for that billing cycle. Work will stop being fulfilled only after the end of the billing cycle.

If for some reason there are other posts that were late/pending and were never sent out, you are still owed those posts. Our team will make sure you receive everything that is owed for your months of active service.

When does work begin on the social media posts?
Work on social media posts can begin in 1-2 business days, as long as our social media team has all the necessary information. We will first confirm that the onboarding document is filled out. Afterwards, we make sure that we have access to all the social media channels. If for some reason we are missing access to anything, we will reach out to you.

If there are any delays in the work from the time the services are purchased, you will be owed those posts and we will supplement them for you as soon as the work proceeds.

Will I be able to see posts for approval before they are posted?
Yes. Social media posts will be sent to you for approval before they are posted. However, if you do not want the hassle of approving every post, you may opt to have us post without approval if you would like.
What should be provided for Social Posts?
Our social media team provides the written content for all social media posts. If required, our team can provide licensed stock images that can be used for the posts. We recommend providing custom graphics and proprietary images to the social media team to be used for the postings. If you want custom graphics and videos posted, you can provide our social media team with the files and we can utilize those assets for the posts.
Are custom graphics created?
Unfortunately, our social media team does not have the resources to create or provide custom graphics or other custom assets for the posts. We either use stock graphics or graphics that you provide.
Can we create the social media profiles for you?
Unfortunately, our social media team does not create the social media profiles for you. This would be your responsibility, since these social media profiles represent you, not us. We consider it unethical to create new social media profiles representing you, regardless of consent.
What types of social media posts are included?
Our posting service is meant for maintenance-style social media posts. They can include images, GIFs, and industry-specific trending news. Our posts are not custom graphics with your services or products, nor are they branded with your logos and colors.

This service is optimal for anyone who wants a hassle-free way to keep their social media pages regularly up-to-date with quality content on a monthly basis.

Will I still be able to post?
Yes. You can still post while we’re posting. If you plan to post semi-regular content, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let our team know when posts are going out and what posts are going out, so we can coordinate with you.
Can you pick which social media channels to post to?
Based on the plan you choose, you can select a certain number of social media channels for us to post to. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Our Social Media Post Writing Service Plans

Online Listings Management Service FAQ

Do we create Google My Business listings?
No, unfortunately we cannot create Google My Business listings. However, once a Google My Business listing is created, it can be integrated to our platform.

Please note that if the listing is suspended, flagged as duplicate, or has any verification issues, it is your responsibility, not ours, to resolve the issues you have.

If you do not yet have a Google My Business listing, you will need to create and verify a listing on their end and provide us with access afterwards. Off Osborn is happy to offer assistance with this process.

Where can we support directory management listings?
Our online Listings Management service that we provide is currently available in three different regions: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
What happens when/if the service is cancelled?
Since we pay a monthly subscription fee for many of the directories that we build, once the service is canceled, many of the directories will be taken down as payment to those directories subside. Some of the directories will stay up, but it would be your responsibility to claim those remaining listings if you want to maintain or make changes to them.

We do not have or store any login credentials to any of the directories, since this is all done via our API. Therefore, we have no control over what the directories decide to do to your listings once this service is cancelled.

Do the directories that we provide differ by country?
Directories may differ depending on the location of the business. There may be some directories available to businesses in the United States that may not be available to businesses in the United Kingdom or Australia, and vice versa.

Our Online Listings Service Plan

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