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Social Media Growth

Want to use social media to drive name recognition to your brand and convert viewers to customers? Are your competitors getting the best jobs and customers from you by outperforming you on social media? Are you looking for improvement opportunities to attract new business to your company and be seen in your community?

If so, our Social Media Growth Strategy solutions at Off Osborn will find custom opportunities in your market to gain the valuable new business that you deserve!

How Does Social Media Growth Work?

Our social media growth packages are our solutions to driving name recognition, growth, and new customers to small businesses like yours.

Step 1: We Identify Your Target Audience

Facebook and Instagram come prepackaged with data analytics tools that we use to identify the best target audience for your business. Hundreds of data points can be microtargeted within your market, such as interests, incomes, connections, locations, languages, or even your competitor’s fans. Ads can be used to drive post engagement, website clicks, page likes, or any other business goals you want.

Step 2: We Remarket to Obtain Conversions

The first time people see your business on Facebook, they do not go further, even if you prodded their interest a bit. However, if they see your ad again in the future, they become much more likely to convert.

Targeted remarketing is the process of retargeting these users with additional ads to drive conversions. Businesses who know how to use these tools to place effective ads that get conversions from their target audiences at low costs will grow dramatically.

Step 3: We Convert Audiences to Business Opportunities

Once you find an audience on Facebook or Instagram that converts effectively, you can grow that audience with Facebook’s “lookalike audiences” feature, where Facebook enlarges your custom audience to find more people similarly likely to purchase from you that reflect your target market. This increases your ROIs even further and delivers the results that you would expect from Off Osborn!

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