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Website Leasing

Do you need to set up a website and build an online brand to take your business to where you want it to go? Would you like to just reap the benefits of an established website that is already attracting the web traffic you want? And would you like an opportunity to get in the game with low financial risk to yourself and your business?

If so, Off Osborn offers a unique Website Leasing program that will connect your business to the Internet with a website that is getting the visibility that you and your business deserve!

What Does A Website Lease Look Like?

Occasionally, we are able to offer business owners like you a prebuilt website that you can lease. These prebuilt websites are already being seen by your ideal clients, who are finding our websites when they search for the services that you offer online. Our lease website programs attract organic visitors through Internet search traffic to your business..

Step 1: We Acquire an Existing Business Website

Unfortunately, not all businesses are successful. However, when a business or a brand fails, Off Osborn is sometimes able to create these websites from scratch or acquire the websites and other digital artifacts that these businesses leave behind. We look for potential to rebrand, grow, and thrive online in ways that can help upstart businesses build their reputation.

Step 2: We Invest in the Websites We Acquire

Once we acquire a website, we optimize that website and brand for content, name recognition, online performance, and branding. Our investments in these websites are extensive, and they create a web presence that will be a winner in the community that it will serve. We are so confident that these websites will perform for business owners like you that we are willing to absorb these upfront investment costs, which are often substantial.

Step 3: We Offer the Website to Upstart Businesses

We get it. Starting a business and attracting clients is hard. To help you, we offer you the opportunity to simply lease our website and get exclusive access to the clients that our website finds. All you have to do is connect with these clients, sell them your services, work the website and platform into your business, and make money.

Step 4: We Take Out Risk

Lease rates are calculated by the client and we offer a zero-down deal structure. In other words, if there are no leads coming in, you do not have to pay. Therefore, there’s virtually no risk to you. We do the heavy lifting and investments that keep the website operating at peak performance, increasing your business’s volume and value.

Get Your FREE Website Report!

We offer a free report that checks for common website problems that can cause websites to underperform. Get your free report on your website today!

See What We’ve Done To Grow Websites!

Alcohol Server Training

We got an alcohol serving training client’s website seen online and drove up his business by improving his Google rankings.

Aquatic Events

We drove more people to our client’s website by ranking higher for keywords, generating more business opportunities.

Art Services

We helped our client secure more art service business in the greater Houston area by ranking him at the top for relevant keywords on Google.

Fitness Gym

We improved the local search rankings for a gym in Sherman, California to help them acquire more clients.

Landscaping Company

We helped a landscaping company in South Florida get more clients by improving its Google rankings.

Medical Practice

We helped a medical practice specializing in DOT physicals get more business by ranking higher for relevant keywords.

Mexican Restaurant

We drove more diners to a Mexican restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii by ranking them higher in local searches and improving their visibility online.

Paper Tubes Company

We increased inquiries for our client’s paper tubing products by ranking higher for various paper tubing products.

Trailer Sales

We increased sales prospects for a trailer dealer in Arkansas by ranking higher for trailer-related keywords.


We increased the visibility of our client’s website in the warehousing and transportation niche in New Jersey, increasing their leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my leased website?
If we have a leased website ready for you, you can get your leased website as soon as you provide us with valid contact information that we need in order to get an account set up for you in our system. This process typically happens fast.
Can I track the performance of my leased website?
Yes! Off Osborn will provide you with weekly and monthly email summaries of how your leased website is performing.
Do I need to pay a setup fee?
No. Because the setup process is so straightforward, you do not have to pay a setup fee. We also offer a “zero down” deal on all of our website leasing opportunities.
What would happen if I cancel?
If you choose to cancel any website lease offered by Off Osborn, we will end the lease as soon as the current billing cycle completes. As our client, you will receive what is owed, and what you paid for in that billing cycle. Once the billing cycle ends, work will stop and your company’s information will be removed from our Client Portal and other software tools.

Additionally, there will be no end-of-lease fees. However, we will offer this website leasing opportunity to other potential lessors in your area, who almost certainly will be in direct competition with you.

Who will be responsible for any red flags or website maintenance?
Off Osborn assumes full responsibility for the performance of the website. We absorb all maintenance costs and work so that you can focus on your business. You will not be responsible for any maintenance work or costs on the leased website.
Can you also rank a leased website for other topics or keywords?
Yes! We continually invest in improvements to the quality and content of our leased websites. We benefit only when you benefit, so we want these websites to perform even better too. Feel free to give us your improvement ideas!

Fast-Track Your Business to Success Today!

Ready to supercharge the growth of your business by leasing a website that’s delivering proven results? If one of our experts at Off Osborn reached out to you with a proposal for a website lease, it is because we have an opportunity for you right now. Grab it before it’s gone!