Implementing Facebook & Instagram Ads

by Nov 19, 2021

Implementing Facebook & Instagram Ads

We know that implementing Facebook & Instagram ads can seem daunting at first, especially if you are new to Facebook Business. Here are our expert tips to get started, and how the process works!


Step 1: Develop Robust Data Analytics

Facebook’s analytics capabilities are impossible to beat elsewhere. Facebook’s Ad Manager gives insights on important statistics like weekly reach, post engagement, page likes, and best performing posts, and how they drive clicks, conversions, and even sales.

This data allows perfect data-driven optimization of ads to match what’s needed, and eliminates guesswork from tracking and managing ad performance.

Driving Social Media Conversions To You

We can drive traffic and conversions to you by running proven social media campaign strategies that get you the results you want with Facebook & Instagram ads. We work with you to analyze your needs and find your target social media market, and we then run a social media campaign that delivers amazing client acquisition results!


Step 2: Microtarget Your Audience

The granularity of Facebook’s data creates the best targeting capabilities where interests, connections, locations, languages, or even your competitor’s fans can be micro-targeted.  Facebook’s targeting capabilities dig far deeper than any other platform and can be layered and combined to eliminate users outside targeted markets. Ads can be used to drive post engagement, website clicks, page likes, or any other business goals you may have.


Step 3: Remarket To Your Target Audience

Typically, the first time people see your website or your business on Facebook, they do not go further, even if you prodded their interest a bit. They do not know or trust you yet. However, if they see your ad again in the future, they are significantly more likely to convert.

Targeted remarketing offers the best CTR (click-through-rate) in digital advertising. Facebook’s CTR has been steadily improving as their internal advertising tools have improved. Businesses who know how to use these tools to place effective ads can target the audiences they want to reach at incredibly low costs.


Step 4: Convert To Leads

Once you find an audience on Facebook or Instagram that converts effectively, it is possible to grow that audience by using Facebook’s “lookalike audiences” feature, where Facebook uses your custom audience to find other audiences similarly likely to purchase from you. In finding lookalike audiences, deep-targeting and right-sizing options are available to ensure that your lookalike audiences similarly reflect your target market.

Got More Questions About Implementing Facebook & Instagram Ads?

At Off Osborn, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Facebook & Instagram ad services, and how we can partner to grow your business. If you want to talk to the experts and develop your custom growth strategy, set up a call with our experts today!

Joshua Baldwin

Chief Solutions Architect
As a software engineer and the chief solutions architect at Off Osborn, I oversee our client acquisition solutions and technological processes here at Off Osborn, as well as plans for future growth, innovation, and thought leadership. Achieving best-in-class business growth for our partners by leveraging the capabilities of Google, Facebook, SEO, and software is my passion.

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