Running Great Google Ads Campaigns

by Nov 19, 2021

Running Great Google Ads Campaigns

We all aspire to be running great Google Ads campaigns that get results and bring in new business, but where does the process start? Here is how our team at Off Osborn approaches the challenges in running great Google Ads campaigns.


Step 1: Understand Your Local Search Market

Quite simply, Google Ads will get you results right out of the box, if you know what the search market near you looks like. It will deliver the immediate visibility and ROI that your business needs. To launch a successful campaign, do you know your primary keywords? What are your long-tail keywords? What is the CPC (cost per click)? What are your competitors doing?

To learn more and find this out, we will audit the local Internet search market near you. Off Osborn offers FREE assessments and ROI calculations for your local search market today!

Driving Web Traffic and Conversions To You

We can drive traffic and conversions to you by running proven PPC campaign strategies that get you the results you want. We work with you to analyze your needs and your local market, and we then run a campaign that delivers amazing client acquisition results!


Step 2: Build a High-Performance Landing Page

For a campaign to be successful, having a high-performing landing page is important. Your landing page should be clean, fast, informative, and attractive to your visitors, or otherwise, your campaign will fail.

Did you know that you can test your landing page speed using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix? If your landing page does not score in the top performance categories, your advertising campaign is probably losing money to poor page speed.

Additionally, the content on your landing page should have high relevancy to each of the keywords that you are paying for search results for. How good is the relevancy of your content?

If your landing page is not properly built or optimized, your campaign will not deliver the results you were expecting. Off Osborn’s team of professional software developers has the resources you need to deliver and optimize a quality landing page!


Step 3: Choose the Right Keywords and Implement 1-to-1 Matching

When creating a campaign, choosing the best keywords is vital for success. You will need to carefully select and curate each of your keywords to prioritize the keywords that demonstrate the highest likely intents to buy, and to eliminate the keywords that are research-based and will likely fail to convert to paying customers.

With most small businesses facing limited advertising budgets and strong competition for the best keywords, a poorly optimized or poorly managed campaign will squander your valuable financial resources.

But that’s not all, unfortunately. Simply having a great landing page and manually reviewing your keywords to eliminate the duds and focus on the good ones will not guarantee you the best-performing ads. At Off Osborn, our software engineering team custom-generates and vets campaigns to ensure the best precision matching between these Ad Groups and Ads that will get you the best-performing campaigns possible.


Step 4: Ongoing Management and Maintenance

Unfortunately, PPC campaigns cannot be trusted to simply run themselves if and when you forget about them. Click fraud is a major issue, and without proper vigilance, you will fall victim to bad actors.

Additionally, Google changes its algorithm frequently, and while Google’s algorithm updates are less likely to affect campaigns than organic search traffic, algorithm changes can harm your campaigns. You simply cannot afford to have a major Google algorithm update sneak up on you without making appropriate preparations.

Off Osborn’s software engineering team has the expertise you need to prepare for and stay ahead of Google’s algorithm updates long before they become a problem. By hiring us to manage and maintain your campaign, you will get an optimized campaign that performs at all levels and will stay well ahead of Google’s algorithm updates!

Ready to Get Started with a Google & YouTube Ads Campaign?

At Off Osborn, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about why Google & YouTube Ads are important and why you should invest in them. If you want to talk to the experts and learn more about the campaign process, book a call with our experts today!

Joshua Baldwin

Chief Solutions Architect
As a software engineer and the chief solutions architect at Off Osborn, I oversee our client acquisition solutions and technological processes here at Off Osborn, as well as plans for future growth, innovation, and thought leadership. Achieving best-in-class business growth for our partners by leveraging the capabilities of Google, Facebook, SEO, and software is my passion.

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