Why are Google & YouTube Ads Important?

by Nov 19, 2021

Why are Google & YouTube Ads Important?

Have you ever found yourself asking why are Google & YouTube Ads important enough that your competition is spending money on them? Having a great Google & YouTube Ads program gets you the best client acquisition strategy you could ask for, fast. With Google receiving over 90% of Internet Search volume in the United States and directing much of that traffic to YouTube, advertising toward specific keywords on these two Google platforms brings in big business.

Google & YouTube Ads bring users to a landing page who are actively searching for your services. These customers are quick and easy wins. They bring in business from the Internet, drive web traffic to your site, and improve your organic web presence and search reputations.

Driving Web Traffic and Conversions To You

We can drive traffic and conversions to you by running proven PPC campaign strategies that get you the results you want. We work with you to analyze your needs and your local market, and we then run a campaign that delivers amazing client acquisition results!

Because we recognize why Google & YouTube Ads are important, ad campaigns and optimizations on these platforms are best managed by experts who deliver the best results at the lowest costs.

Experienced Google & YouTube campaign managers know the platform well. We can and will fine-tune keyword bidding to optimum performance and reduce irrelevant ad clicks and spammy clicks to near-zero.

Ready to Get Started with a Google & YouTube Ads Campaign?

At Off Osborn, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about why Google & YouTube Ads are important and why you should invest in them. If you want to talk to the experts and learn more about the campaign process, book a call with our experts today!

Joshua Baldwin

Chief Solutions Architect
As a software engineer and the chief solutions architect at Off Osborn, I oversee our client acquisition solutions and technological processes here at Off Osborn, as well as plans for future growth, innovation, and thought leadership. Achieving best-in-class business growth for our partners by leveraging the capabilities of Google, Facebook, SEO, and software is my passion.

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